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Sachet Solutions, as the name implies, supplies solutions for the packaging of powders, liquids, paste, etc for the food, pharmaceutical and other industries. This can comprise, complete lines individual vertical or horizontal machines, either of continuous or intermittent motion.

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Piers Lamb

Area Sales Manager Piers joined in July 2017  following his studies at Leeds Business School. He has recently been involved in facilitating the re-branding and of the company. Currently he is training and working with Universal Pack.

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Ellie Tempest

Marketing and Sales Manager Ellie joined in June 2017 after finishing her studies at the University of Leeds. Ellie currently works in Sales management as well providing support to the marketing team of Sachet Solutions. To increase her understanding of the packing industry she is currently seconded to our main suppliers, Universal Pack.

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Gareth Tempest

Gareth, gained thorough knowledge working within this industry for over 40 years, prior to setting up his own company Sachet Solutions, he was a Partner for another successful Packaging company. He gained a significant clientele based both within the UK and globally. Despite his passing in XXXX, Gareth’s guiding principals still underpin the culture and ethos at sachet solutions. The legacy he built, very much in his image, continues to be carried forward by the family, and trusted team of colleagues he established.

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