An Update from Italy

Piers and Ellie are now commencing their 10th week with our Italian comrades, and it appears they have settled in well.

Over the past 9 weeks Piers and Ellie have been learning about the way a high-profile company like Universal Pack is run, from the organisation of the after sales office to the process that the machines go through from start to finish.

Universal Pack and us here at Sachet Solutions believe that it is crucial that Piers and Ellie understand all aspects of the business to appreciate the hard work and effort that goes in to the production of the high-quality machines we sell.


The first couple of months were spent learning about the documentation which is used alongside the high-tech machines Universal Pack produce including; Design Blueprints, materials and products used, various reports and  machine updates.

They were given a number of documents to organise and then put through the Data Base, giving them a better understanding of the processes and requirements the machines go through before they are shipped to the customer.

They spent their time working on the documents with Universal Packs integral and unique selling point, the after sales department, here they saw the round the clock service (in all languages) to existing customers to provide solutions to problems which can arise and a speedy spare parts service and delivery system if necessary.

Piers recently contacted us to say;

“we are thoroughly enjoying our time here at Universal Pack which is made easy by the welcoming staff, we have expanded our knowledge of the machines and the processes they go through thanks to the help of the guys around us. We are both looking forward to the next coming months”

Piers and Ellie have recently started to interact with customers at Factory Acceptance Trials (FAT’s) and sitting in on the different processes from Spec’ing to ordering machines with Sachet Solutions customers.

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