New Recruits – Training in Italy

Ellie and Piers joined our team in June 2017.  They are keen to bring their fresh ideas and entrepreneurial skills to the company working closely with our experienced marketing team helping to facilitate the rebranding of our company logo and website.

For this coming year Ellie and Piers will be based in the province of Rimini, Italy with one of our main provider’s Universal Pack. They are keen to expand their knowledge and understanding of the machines we provide and learn what makes them so exceptional and unique over any other design for the packaging industry. Universal pack provides a great learning environment for them to gain experience in the packaging business and to develop sales, marketing and administration skills in preparation for their future role in Sachet Solutions. Finally, they want to become fluent in Italian and expand their knowledge of the country’s rich culture and history and understand more about the people behind the business.

The experience out in the field will help give Ellie and Piers a vital understanding of our industry and therefore the edge over our competitors and provide them with the essential skills and confidence to drive the company forwards, to forge new business partnerships as well as strengthening a lifelong relationship that we already have with Universal Pack.

We are receiving regular updates of Ellie and Piers progress and rumor has it that they are definitely embracing the Italian way of life and thoroughly enjoying their time and experience with Universal Pack

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