The New: Universal Pack, Alfa Flexi

Introducing the new revolution of stick pack machines, The Alfa Flexi.

Universal Pack have changed the packaging world once again with this highly efficient machine following the TPM requirements. The Alfa Flexi is built to run 24/7 with a minimal number of consumable spare parts.

This machine is suitable for every kind of product, with its maximum versatility and fast reel change overs. All built within a minimal footprint.

Flexibility – Modular system.

The Alfa Flexi is the new age of packaging. Universal Pack have designed and built this machine by combining different modules. This concept enhances its versatility and allows a quick and easy format change.

Universal Packs new modular system allows you to efficiently switch between dosing systems without any tools. This allows you to change products, from powders to liquids or even objects.

Furthermore, the Alfa Flexi’s high quality feeding system allows us to fill from 0.1 up to 200 (cm3) to meet the needs of the product you wish to pack.

Not only does this work for the dosing system but also for the jaws which determine the size of the stick, meaning you can change from 16-90 (mm) Wide and 40-230 (mm) in Length.

Cycle speeds can reach 90 sticks per minute, with the option of 1-10 lanes available this means up to 900 sticks per minute can be reached.

User Requirements.

Universal Pack designed The Alfa Flexi following the pharmaceutical industry’s high design standards in compliance with hygienic design regulations.

Furthermore, The Alfa Flexi is ready to be installed into a Industry 4.0 Environment. Additionally it comes with Wi-Fi connectivity and RJ 45 port, allowing remote diagnosis and control by technicians at Universal Pack.

This machine also combines the smallest possible footprint while remaining supremely precise and user friendly.

This machine is now available for viewing and trials on the factory floor in Italy.

If you require further information please do get in touch via our website or email- (

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