Refurbishment Standards

Our pre-owned sachet machines receive the best treatment when it comes to refurbishment.

We understand that for some, new Sachet machines aren’t a cost-effective option.

We try our very best to provide our ‘pre-owned’ customers with reliable, high-quality re-worked sachet machines.

Access to the Universal Pack UK engineers means we have the expertise of engineers trained directly by Universal Pack assuring that our sachet machines are re-built to work exactly how they are meant to.

Our 3 dedicated UK engineers mean we can also offer full support and long term back up with our Pre-owned sachet machines.

We have direct access to the after sales department in Italy – which means all of the pre-owned sachet machines come equipped with official Universal Pack parts and support documentation.

All of our Pre-owned machines are offered with refurbishment, installation, set up and support as an option alongside a 6-month warranty.

If you are interested in what we have to offer please don’t hesitate to get in contact by email, call or the contact form on our website.


No: 07885408104

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