Universal Packs Bag in Bag Machine, The Gamma

Universal Pack would like to introduce you to there new and improved bag in bag Gamma machine.

Evermore recently, Bag in bag packaging has become increasingly more popular.  With the Gamma’s advanced technology it makes it suitable for various different market sectors, as well as being widely used for tea and coffee.


The Gamma has a high quality feeding system. It allows us to fill from 0.1 to 300 (cm2) to meet the needs of the product you wish to pack.

Furthermore, the Gamma can produce a wide range of sachet sizes. From 25 to 200 (mm) wide and 30 to 400 (mm) in length. The Gamma can also achieve a shaped sachets.

There are currently two Gamma machines on the Universal pack’s factory floor ready for trails and or views.

If you wish for furthermore information regarding this machine, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via our email: info@sachet-solutions.co.uk, or click the Link below:

Universal Pack Gamma (Bag in Bag)

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